Key being cut on machine

Key Cutting & Lock Re-Keying

Do you need an extra key or did your key break?

We can make you a new copy.

We can also re-key your current lock to a different key. Or if you need multiple keys to get in your house we can re-key the locks so they all accept the same key.

Blue propane tanks with red handles

Propane Tank Exchange & Refill

Blue Rhino Propane Exchange: Need an extra propane tank or did you run out of propane? You either exchange or get a new tank. The new tanks are inspected for leaks and are cleaned so you know you are using an up to date safe tank around your family and friends.

We also have a refill tank to help you with propane tanks to RVs.

Screen being repaired on wooden floor

Screen and Storm Window Repair

Screens: We can replace your worn out screen with new screening and spline. We have aluminum, fiberglass and pet screening available.

Storm Windows: Do you have a broken storm window? We can replace the glass, corners or frame. We have glass and acrylic that we can cut to size to fit your window.

If you need an new storm window or screen we can make you one. Please see associate for details.

Gloved hand cutting a piece of glass

Glass Acrylic and Mirror Cutting

We can cut glass acrylic or mirror to the size that you need. If you are concerned about sharp edges we can round them off for you. See associate for details.

Overhead view of paint cans and paint brushes

Paint Color Matching

We can color match any color you bring in with our computerized color matching system. We just need a sample the size of a quarter.

Any color from any paint manufacturer we can mix into our Sherwin Williams or Pratt & Lambert paint.